The Parish of Tabley


The Parish of Tabley is a civil parish in the Borough of Cheshire East and is split into to two districts namely, Tabley Superior and Tabley Inferior. Tabley Superior has a population of 323* and contains the village of Over Tabley. Tabley Inferior had a population of 146* and Tabley House is located there.

The name Tabley is a mystery in as much as there are a number of theories on how it came about.  Many believe the origin has been attributed to the name of a local Anglo-Saxon called Tabba (Tabba’s clearing or meadow).  The fact that the land levels out to a plateau or ‘tableland’ is another suggestion, which seems more likely. However, the secretary of St Paul’s (Mrs Brenda Folds) believes that ‘stabulis’ may also a good contender, as Tabley, where the two Roman roads, Watling Street and King Street cross each other, would be an obvious place to keep horses – hence ‘Stabley‘.

The income for Tabley came from the rich and fertile Cheshire land, which at one time was said to have the biggest milk yield in Europe. Cheshire cheeses lasted a long time, and had the reputation of being on every ship sailing out of England! 

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* Estimated December 2018.

The Parish Council

Position Name
Chairman H Gurney-Smith
Vice Chairman A Greenway
Councillor  N Withenshaw
Councillor  D Bailey
Councillor  K Newport
Councillor  S Carson
Councillor  B Hartley
Councillor  S Wharfe
Councillor  A Jackson
Tabley Parish Church