Age UK – Scam Awareness Bulletin
September 202o

scam awarenessAge UK has produced their latest scam awareness update to help residents stay safe at this difficult time.

The September edition of the popular Scams Awareness Update bulletin focused on telephone scams, giving information about the difference between phone calls from scammers and genuine companies. As a result of receiving the bulletin, we’ve received calls from older people who have almost been scammed. We’ve been able to offer advice and support to prevent them becoming victims of such crimes.

They have continued to send out alerts on social media about current scams. This month they have shared information about HMRC and DVLA scams, rogue traders and scam texts pretending to be from banks.

At the beginning of the month, Age UK delivered a webinar to a network of financial advisers who wanted to be more scam aware to support their older clients. Despite the current COVID-19 restrictions, the project has continued to deliver scams awareness sessions, both face-to-face and online.